Confidence is everything, babe.

And you deserve to look in the mirror and love yourself.

I see you — tired, frustrated, stuck, ashamed. I’ve been there too, friend. After losing a baby girl over two years ago, I spiraled out of control. I was desperate to feel in control of my body and mind again after a pregnancy that led to such heartbreak.

I yo-yo’ed up and down, spent time in the gym pretending like I knew what I was doing, spent way too much money on fad diets and nutrition programs.

And then, something miraculous happened. I finally found a solution that changed my life for the better, and forever. Now? I’m on a mission to share it with women like you who are ready to love themselves well, feel better, and finally find food freedom.

Imagine a non-diet, community-based approach to health + fitness that considers your crazy schedule, love for chocolate, desire to embrace life to the fullest.

One that shows you exactly how to meal plan and what to eat, so you can quit worrying about what’s for dinner and spend more time with the people you love — or relax with a glass of wine while watching this week’s episode of The Bachelor. No judgment here 😉

(And one that works in “cheating” because a girl’s gotta live, right?!)

Around here, we call it the Confidence Collective! We’re a tribe of women learning to love ourselves exactly where we’re at, living life to the fullest, while still working on becoming our best selves.

Sound like a community you can get on board with? I thought so, babe. So my only question for you — are you ready to change your own life?