Blush Pink and Olive Green | Workout Outfit

If loving “millennial pink” is bad, then I def don’t want to be good! I’ve had a love affair with everything blush for the past few years — but if there’s one thing better than blush pink, it’s pairing it with olive green!

Not only are these two colors a match made in heaven, but because they’re complimentary colors, it makes this gorgeous workout outfit extra adorable! Add in a touch of marble, a cute pair of stud earrings, and a nude lip, and you’re ready to crush your workout and anything else you day might throw at you!

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Alyssa Birchfield

Author: Alyssa

I’m a health + wellness coach, a total nerd when it comes to branding and strategy, and my obsession is helping women find their confidence and love themselves wholly. A Florida girl at heart living it up in New England, wife, baby loss warrior, and fur momma, my happiest days are spent in yoga pants with a coffee in hand, sharing my heart with the world.

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