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Holiday Gift Guide — For the Homebody

I am beyond excited for today’s post, friends! There’s something about this time of year — the twinkle of the Christmas tree, flames from all of the delicious candles dancing around, a hardy homemade meal baking in the oven — it just screams COZY! As someone who’s worked mostly from…

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Christmas Chocolate Peppermint Bark Recipe

I absolutely love holiday desserts. There’s just something about homemade sweets – especially around the holidays. And as much as I love to bake, some of my favorite dessert recipes are the easiest ones! This peppermint bark recipe has quickly become one of my favorites! Dark chocolate, white chocolate, and…

The Best Deals of Black Friday + Cyber Week 2018

Hey there lovelies! It’s official — shopping season is HERE! Which means I’m sharing a roundup of all the best Cyber Week Deals from my favorite places along with a few items I’m eyeing myself! I’ll be updating this list regularly throughout the week, so be sure to check back…

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8 Delicious Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s Turkey time! This Thanksgiving, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by one thing – no, I’m not talking about your slightly crazy family – turkey EVERYTHING! Every year, you’re bombarded with pounds upon pounds of the iconic poultry, and every year, you microwave the leftovers until you’re just too sick…

Comfy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I can hardly believe that we’re halfway through November already — and with Thanksgiving creeping up so quickly, I thought it’d be fun to share a few outfit ideas for the big day! And let’s be real, friends — when it comes to Thanksgiving, putting on a cute top and your…

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  • It’s been a long week, but there’s nothing that a little coffee and relaxation can’t fix, right? ☕️❤️
Happy weekend, friends! ✨
  • There’s just something about this time of year.
The twinkle of the Christmas tree, flames from all of the delicious candles dancing around, a hardy homemade dinner baking in the oven — and the subtle sense that a new beginning is just around the corner.
Yes, this time of the year is my favorite. And I hope that I won’t take a single moment of it for granted 🎄
  • Sunday nights mean lighting a few candles, and curling up with a hot beverage, snuggled up next to my hubby. It really is the little things. ☕️🌿
What’s your favorite Sunday evening ritual? ✨
Our life has been anything but conventional. Getting married at 19 and 20, multiple cross-country moves, embracing our little family of two knowing that we should be a family of three and chasing a toddler around right now.
But as unpredictable as our journey’s been, I am so thankful for this man and the life we’re building together. Here’s to the lifetime of Thanksgivings we have ahead of us, handsome ❤️🦃
  • We had our first snow of the season, our Christmas tree is up, and I’ve switched to drinking hot coffee — ‘tis the season, y’all! ☕️❄️
We’re headed out to the grocery store to shop for Thanksgiving this week. It’s just Craig and I this year, but it’ll be my first time putting together Thanksgiving dinner, so wish me luck! 🥘🦃
What’s on your turkey day menu, friend? ❤️
  • Stand firm; hold fast.
This season I’m learning to come back to the basics and focus on my foundation. For me, this starts with gratitude.
When chaos inevitably breaks loose, taking a few moments to count my blessings has made all the difference.