Our European Vacation Shortlist

For Craig and I, anniversaries have always been a big deal. Every year, we’ve made sure that we take some time away from it all to travel, explore, and just enjoy each other. Our anniversary is on December 28th, right after Christmas and right before New Years’. Wedding planning may have been absolute hell that time of year, but now it means we’re usually able to get away for a few days. I guess you could say it paid off in the long run.

Well, we’re coming up on our first big milestone anniversary! I remember telling Craig right after we got married that I wanted him to take me to Paris for our fifth anniversary. And here we are approaching year number 5!

While France is still on the list (as you’ll find out below), we’ve broadened our horizons to include a few more possible European gems! Because our anniversary falls in the middle of winter, we’re planning our celebratory trip during March or April next year — which basically means it’ll be absolutely gorgeous no matter where our ventures take us.

After some debate and day dreaming and researching, we managed to narrow down our list of possibilities to four incredibly beautiful places!


Basically the US’s gateway to Europe, it’s obvious why this beautiful country is on our list! A minor confession? I was basically obsessed with historical fiction based in England during my later teenage years. Still an avid history lover, England would be a dream! A few places we’d love to visit while in the country are London (obviously!), Bath, Cambridge, Liverpool, and Manchester.


When I used to daydream about venturing through Europe, I never used to think of Germany as a must-see place. But seriously, I was so incredibly wrong! I’ve fallen in love with the idea of Germany’s beauty from staring at photos of people’s adventures. Some cities on our list we’d if we make it to Germany this time around are Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Hamburg.


Like I mentioned above, this one is a bit sentimental. I’ve been asking Craig to take me to Paris since we got married. And it is the city of love and romance, after all! 😉 The combination of art, history, architecture, and culture in France puts this one at the top of our list! France is a huge country, but to narrow it down to a few places, we’d love to visit Paris, Versailles, Lyon, Nice, and the French Rivera.


Another confession (man, this is getting really vulnerable), I loved all things Lizzie McGuire as a teen. I’m sure you already know where this is going — when Lizzie went to Rome and stumbled into becoming a pop star and falling in love with a handsome Italian man, it was game over — I had to go to Italy some day. In all seriousness, Italy would be a complete dream. Some cities on our list are Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice.


My inner goddess squeals with glee when I think about visiting the beautiful country of Greece. With such a rich variety of places and culture, Greece is at the top of our list. If we make it to Greece, we have our eyes on Athens, Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini. But let’s face it, I just want to take in all of the amazing history and see as many islands as possible!


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